GET api/v1/print-sales/{id}?RequestID={RequestID}&AsBase64={AsBase64}

Gets the printed file in a byte array or as a stream object

Request Information

URI Parameters

Name Description Type Additional information
id ID of the print you want to match with the unique ID integer Required
RequestID Request ID received from the POST request globally unique identifier No additional information available.
AsBase64 True if you want a base64 string inside quotes as a response. False if its a file response. Default is FALSE boolean No additional information available.

Response Information

Resource Description

Returns a byte array if the AsBytes param is set to true. Than you use this array and save it as a file in your backend. If the param is false, your content response will be a stream and the file information like the name, creation date and size will be inside the Headers.ContentDisposition object. This can be used for your file saving process

Response Formats

application/json, text/json